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title: About me
<h2>About me</h2>
<p>I'm usually bad at describing myself, so I asked my friends on Mastodon to describe me in one sentence. These are the results.</p>
<li>Kinky tech nerd and she writes interesting toots and often things I would not have thought of.</li>
<li>A shark enthusiast who does interesting stuff with tech and enjoys the company of cuties.</li>
<li>I see a person that shares some struggles about her live and is interested in Freifunk, Linux or IT in general and is refreshingly open even about the kinky ones.</li>
<li>Apart from being a committed travel-companion to a flauschehorn, Franzi very probably lives in a hidden data center filled with cute sharks.</li>
<p>Possibly not that interesting, but here are some carefully (more or less) selected facts about me.</p>
<li>I'm a girl (most of the time).</li>
<li>I'm state-certified agender.</li>
<li>I like to sew.</li>
<li>You'll find me on a lot of chaos events.</li>
<li>I help organizing <a href="">GPN</a>.</li>