Some config files to make my computers work exactly as shitty as i want them to work.
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set use_from=yes
set send_charset=utf-8
set edit_headers=yes
set ssl_starttls=yes
set ssl_force_tls=yes
unset imap_passive
set imap_check_subscribed
set mail_check=60
set timeout=10
set header_cache=~/.mutt/header_cache
set net_inc=5
set narrow_tree=no
set sort=threads
set sort_aux=last-date-received
set strict_threads=yes
set fast_reply=yes
set include=yes
set sidebar_visible=yes
set sidebar_sort_method=path
set sidebar_folder_indent=yes
set sidebar_indent_string=' '
set mail_check_stats
set sidebar_format = '%B%* %?N?%N / ?%S'
set sidebar_short_path=yes
set sidebar_width=30
set sidebar_delim_chars='/.'
set sidebar_next_new_wrap=yes
set mailcap_path=~/.mutt/mailcap
alternative_order text/plain text/html
auto_view text/html
set index_format="%4C %Z %{%b %d} %-25.25L (%?l?%4l&%4c?) %s"
set editor="vim -c 'set spell spelllang=de,en'"
source ~/.mutt/gpg.rc
set pgp_use_gpg_agent=yes
set pgp_timeout=60
set crypt_autosign=yes
set crypt_replyencrypt=yes
set crypt_verify_sig=yes
set crypt_replysignencrypted=yes
set pgp_decode_command="gpg %?p?--passphrase-fd 0? --no-verbose --batch --output - %f"
set pgp_verify_command="gpg --status-fd=2 --no-verbose --batch --output - --verify %s %f"
set pgp_decrypt_command="gpg --status-fd=2 --passphrase-fd 0 --no-verbose --batch --output - %f"
set pgp_sign_command="gpg --no-verbose --batch --output - --passphrase-fd 0 --armor --detach-sign --textmode %?a?-u %a? %f"
set pgp_clearsign_command="gpg --no-verbose --batch --output - --passphrase-fd 0 --armor --textmode --clearsign %?a?-u %a? %f"
set pgp_import_command="gpg --no-verbose --import -v %f"
set pgp_export_command="gpg --no-verbose --export --armor %r"
set pgp_verify_key_command="gpg --no-verbose --batch --fingerprint --check-sigs %r"
set pgp_list_pubring_command="gpg --no-verbose --batch --with-colons --list-keys %r"
set pgp_list_secring_command="gpg --no-verbose --batch --with-colons --list-secret-keys %r"
send-hook . 'reset pgp_autoencrypt'
send-hook "!~l ~t" "set crypt_autoencrypt crypt_autosign"
set query_command= "khard email --parsable '%s'"
bind editor <Tab> complete-query
bind editor ^T complete
bind index,pager S sidebar-toggle-visible
source ~/.mutt/spacekookie.theme
# Account management
source ~/.mutt/
#source ~/.mutt/
#source ~/.mutt/
macro index,pager <f2> '<sync-mailbox><enter-command>source ~/.mutt/<enter><change-folder>+INBOX<enter>'
macro index,pager <f3> '<sync-mailbox><enter-command>source ~/.mutt/<enter><change-folder>+INBOX<enter>'
macro index,pager <f4> '<sync-mailbox><enter-command>source ~/.mutt/<enter><change-folder>+INBOX<enter>'
#macro index 'c' '<change-folder>?<change-dir><home>^K='
# vim: syntax=muttrc