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Twitch on Kodi

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Watch your favorite gaming streams on Kodi.


  1. Go to Settings - Login - Get OAuth token and visit the url you are prompted with
    The prompted url is case-sensitive, if your skin's text is all UPPERCASE you will need to switch to Estuary/Confluence to see the proper url
  2. Login/Sign-up and Authorize TTV on Kodi
  3. Input your new OAuth token in Settings - Login


  • I can't find the add-on in the Kodi add-on manager!

Make sure you are using at least Kodi 15 (Isengard), Kodi 16 (Jarvis).

  • I'm having issues with the playback of streams (buffering, dropping, stuttering).

This Add-on does not handle any aspect of the playback of Twitch streams (that would be the Kodi Video Player), it simply tells Kodi what to play. The Add-on does however provide Quality Options which may help if your internet connection / computer specs are below requirements for HD streams. Try making sure that the Kodi Add-on "InputStream Adaptive" is installed, and Adaptive Quality is enabled in's Add-on settings.

  • Which features require an OAuth token?

Live Notifications, Following (all menus), Follow/Unfollow, Subscriber only content, IRC (Chat)

What's next?

Things that need to be done next:

  • Suggestions welcome.

Credit where credit is due.

Thanks to all the people who contributed to this project:

StateOfTheArt89 (Founder of this project), ccaspers, CDehning, Giacom, grocal, KlingOne, kokarn, Kr0nZ, Liquex, MrSprigster, stuross, ingwinlu, mCzolko, ha107642, G4RL1N, spiffomatic64, stevensmedia, anxdpanic, xsellier, lucabric, dadobt, torstehu, kravone, beastd BtbN, Preovaleo, Blayr, bamberino.

This addon utilizes python-twitch (a project which derived from an early version of this addon and has grown to deserve recognition of its own). Thanks to ingwinlu for his continued work on the project.