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Twitch on Kodi

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Watch your favorite gaming streams on Kodi.


  1. Go to Settings - Login - Get OAuth token and visit the url you are prompted with
    The prompted url is case-sensitive, if your skin's text is all UPPERCASE you will need to switch to Estuary/Confluence to see the proper url
  2. Login/Sign-up and Authorize TTV on Kodi
  3. Input your new OAuth token in Settings - Login


  • I can't find the add-on in the Kodi add-on manager!

Make sure you are using at least Kodi 15 (Isengard), Kodi 16 (Jarvis).

  • I'm having issues with the playback of streams (buffering, dropping, stuttering).

This Add-on does not handle any aspect of the playback of Twitch streams (that would be the Kodi Video Player), it simply tells Kodi what to play. The Add-on does however provide Quality Options which may help if your internet connection / computer specs are below requirements for HD streams. Try making sure that the Kodi Add-on "InputStream Adaptive" is installed, and Adaptive Quality is enabled in's Add-on settings.

  • Which features require an OAuth token?

Live Notifications, Following (all menus), Follow/Unfollow, Subscriber only content, IRC (Chat)

What's next?

Things that need to be done next:

  • Suggestions welcome.

Credit where credit is due.

Thanks to all the people who contributed to this add-on. For a complete list of the people who have shaped this add-on, visit CONTRIBUTORS