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[fix] Fix comments on Kodi 19+ |contrib: ramateur|
[fix] Fix ratebypass
[upd] Update icon and fanart |contrib: papercore-dev|
[lang] translation updates from Weblate
[fix] Fix playback of some content (ie. Music videos)
[fix] Calcuate n parameter to enable ratebypass
[fixup] No streams found, consent cookies |contrib: jaylinski|
[fixup] Age gate detection, show age gate error instead of 'No streams found'
[fixup] encoding of some titles/authors - ie. russian
[lang] translation updates from Weblate
[fixup] playback of some streams due to encoding issues
[fixup] default player response type
[fix] player config and client discovery
[fix] No Streams Found |contrib: 14mRh4X0r|
[fix] capability map to contain unversioned capabilities |contrib: jmbreuer|
[lang] zh_tw strings |contrib: JuenTingShie|
[fix] mktime overflow when loading My Subscriptions
[fix] encoding issues in search history |contrib: dreznichuk|
[fix] fix javascript player retrieval and playback of some videos for affected users |contrib: thomazz-nl|
- Invalid URL 'http://': No host supplied
[fix] my subscriptions section using YouTube RSS |contrib: PureHemp|
[fix] items per page settings on Kodi 19
[chg] recommendations only available for users with custom history playlist id configured
[chg] no longer show watch later unless custom watch later playlist is configured
[rem] remove usage of discontinued api and dual login (no longer required)
[fixup] encoding of subtitle track names
[fixup] encoding of titles and authors during playback
[fix] some videos failing to play with an Invalid URL exception
[fix] searching in some instances with encoding issues |contrib: tsaklidis|
[fix] support python 3.9 html.unescape |contrib: asavah|
[fix] playback of purchased movies |contrib: MisterD81|
[fix] notifications for some languages on Kodi 19
[fix] searching for some languages
[fix] loading on some versions of python 3
[fix] some videos failing to play with an Invalid URL exception
[upd] use xbmcvfs.translatePath if available, clean up for Kodi 19
[fix] next page now ignores sorting, remains at the end of the directory
[fix] searching, no longer require remote safe search
[fix] notifications for some languages
[chg] only log http server ping failures
[lang] zh_cn strings |contrib: yureng, xiaojun|
[fix] playback of some videos
[fix] notifications for some languages |contrib: Mutronics|
[fix] fix rating videos causing and error even though it succeeded
[upd] cache javascript player url for4 hours, reduces http requests per play by 1
[upd] use new settings format on Kodi 19
[lang] el_gr strings |contrib: twilight0|
[lang] hu_hu strings |contrib: thelacesz|
[fixup] recommendations with > 50 channels
[fix] playback failing
[fix] viewing comments when logged in
[fix] intermittent issue with Subscriptions
[fix] encoding of video unavailable messages
[upd] updates to recommendations
[upd] update logging for Kodi 19
[lang] fr_fr strings |contrib: alan7000|
[lang] pl_pl strings |contrib: drrak|
[lang] nl_nl strings |contrib: Markman-B|
[add] support for video comments, Comments in the More... dialog |contrib: doko-desuka|
[add] simulate deprecated recommended home API |contrib: hedleyroos|
[fix] error caused by timestamp formatting
[fix] fix Premiere's exiting after 5 seconds |contrib: jpfox156|
[fix] playlists over json-rpc |contrib: JasperE84|
[lang] de_de strings |contrib: tweimer|
[lang] el_gr strings |contrib: twilight0|
[lang] es_es strings |contrib: roliverosc|
[lang] pt_pt strings |contrib: daniel3x|
[add] send PlaybackInit, PlaybackStarted, PlaybackStopped notifications containing video id, channel id, and the status of the playing video
[fix] allow playback regardless of API status
- fixes playback for strm, playlists, other add-ons, and sharing videos from devices
[fix] finding player config, allow playback to continue when not found if possible
[fix] fix possible loop due to invalid keys and login information
[fix] fix playback of mpeg-dash streams if HTTP Server - Listen on IP is blank
[upd] use a dialog to notify users of API key requirements with link to wiki
[rem] remove provided api keys
[lang] de_de strings |contrib: tweimer|
[lang] el_gr strings |contrib: twilight0|
[lang] hu_hu strings |contrib: thelacesz|
[lang] pl_pl strings |contrib: drrak|
[add] 'Play (Ask for quality)' context menu
[add] search by channel or playlist id
[add] hide_folders, hide_playlists, hide_search, and hide_live to /channel/<channel_id>/ end-point
- ie. plugin:// will hide all folders(Playlists, Search, and Live) in the channel listing
[fix] playback for some videos (ie. music videos)
[fix] playback of some videos with no adaptive video streams
[fix] don't update watch history when incognito/screensaver/live |contrib: regseb|
[fix] search prompting for input after video playback or refresh
[lang] el_gr strings |contrib: twilight0|
[lang] es_es strings |contrib: roliverosc|
[lang] pt_br strings |contrib: MediaBrasil|
[lang] cs_cz strings |contrib:|
[lang] it_it strings |contrib: SebastianoPistore|
[lang] de_de strings |contrib: tweimer|
[fix] playback (No streams found)
[fix] missing metadata
[fix] ended live streams not using mpeg-dash when enabled
[fix] subscriptions not showing latest videos
[upd] simplify youtube_resolver regex |contrib: Twilight0|
[lang] de_de strings |contrib: TehTux|
[lang] pl_pl strings |contrib: drrak|
[lang] nl_nl strings |contrib: Markman-B|
[add] get_live to youtube_requests module to retrieve live stream info for a channel
[add] Adaptive (MP4) and Adaptive (WEBM) to MPEG-DASH - Video quality
[fix] live stream playback
[fix] unable to seek when using mpeg-dash
[fix] mpeg-dash video quality selection
[fix] sqlite requests breaking when another add-on/module uses sqlite3.register_converter(..)
[fix] signal endofdirectory in case of a provider navigation exception |contrib: enen92|
[add] Video quality selection to Settings - MPEG-DASH
[add] Limit to 30fps to Settings - MPEG-DASH
[add] Uploads playlist to channel playlists
[chg] Use search for channel videos instead of the Uploads playlist
[fix] Signature cipher, some videos unplayable (ie. music videos)
[fix] Playback monitoring using Python 3
[fix] unescape html entities in title and plot
[fix] handling of invalid grant when refreshing access token
[fix] adding suggested videos when played from some widgets
[fix] http server /client_ip using Python 3 |contrib: t6|
[upd] refactor youtube_resolver.resolve
[lang] el_gr strings |contrib: twilight0|
[lang] es_es strings |contrib: roliverosc|
[lang] ko_kr strings |contrib: parkmino|
[upd] Use the activation url provided by the authentication request
[add] add Settings - MPEG-DASH - Default to WEBM adaptation set
- required for 4k stream automatic selection
[add] add Settings - MPEG-DASH - Include VP9.2
- includes HDR content in the manifest
[add] add support for &hide_folders=true parameter in search query urls
- when added to the url it will hide the Playlists, Channels, and Live folders
[add] &seek=<time_in_seconds> to play urls
[fix] fix playback of Purchases
[fix] fixed saved playlists that don't belong to a channel
[fix] mpeg-dash frame rate representation
[fix] datetime parsing if no datetime string is available
[chg] handle playback monitoring in threads
[lang] nl_nl strings |contrib: MB1968|
[lang] el_gr strings |contrib: twilight0|
[add] 4K videos with InputStream Adaptive >= v2.3.14
- Thanks to @peak3d
[fix] some videos not playing when logged in
[fix] reset function cache at restart/update to resolve issues persisting due to cached results
[fix] service potentially not shutting down http server
[fix] added to playlist/subscriptions notifications
[fix] only generate mpeg-dash file if adaptive formats are available
[fix] map frame rates to more common representation to lessen the chance of double refresh rate changes (only applies to generated mpeg-dash files)
[fix] currently playing file check when playing file is a plugin:// url
[chg] Settings - General - Autoplay suggested videos
- limit playlist size to 1000 videos
- request less relevant videos at one time
- old behavior: add 50 most relevant videos for each video played, repeats allowed
- result: a lot of barely relevant videos in groups of 50
- new behavior: add single most relevant video, no repeats
- result: next video is always the most relevant video to the last video played
[upd] player javascript retrieval
[fix] ensure playback monitoring is monitoring the correct item
[fix] check for abortRequested while processing purchased collections
[upd] Use setArt instead of iconImage, thumbnailImage and setProperty('fanart_image')
[add] support for keymapping of some endpoints, wiki:
[add] 'Rate videos in playlists' setting to 'Settings - General - Rate after watching'
[add] Support for purchased collections |contrib: MisterD81|
[fix] Playback of some videos (e.g. music videos)
[fix] Live stream playback
[fix] post play add to watch history
[fix] fix add-ons playback history not saving
[fix] playback monitoring/post play events triggering for the wrong videos in some cases
[fix] call setResolvedUrl(False) if get_video_streams fails
[upd] code cosmetics and resolve inspections
[upd] improve watch history tracking, actively report watch times and state during playback
[upd] sign in/out, switch user, and settings ListItems to isFolder=False and isPlayable=False
[upd] improve watch later playlist id retrieval and feedback
[upd] Use SPDX license identifier
[lang] de_de strings |contrib: tobhor|
[lang] el_gr strings |contrib: twilight0|
[lang] es_es strings |contrib: roliverosc|
[lang] ko_kr strings |contrib: parkmino|
[lang] nl_nl strings |contrib: Markman-B|
[add] Next Page to 'More...' -> 'Add to...' context menu
[add] icon and description to playlists in 'More...' -> 'Add to...' context menu on Kodi 17+
[add] 'Play audio only' context menu item
[fix] generated dash with no supported video streams(audio only) being played when Audio only not enabled
[fix] potential RuntimeError when retrieving total time of playing content if player is stopped immediately
[lang] nl_nl strings |contrib: Markman-B|
[lang] pl_pl strings |contrib: xulek|
[lang] pl_pl strings |contrib: drrak|
[lang] sk_sk strings |contrib: jose1711|
[lang] el_gr strings |contrib: twilight0|
[lang] es_es strings |contrib: roliverosc|
[fix] signature function not found on some videos
[fix] some streams reporting as Unavailable
[fix] utf-8 file paths
[fix] settings, and switch user causing perpetual busy dialog on Kodi 18
[add] Context menu -> 'Play with subtitles' |contrib: solarus|
[add] Option to download subtitles before playback in Settings -> General -> Configure subtitles
[add] Refresh context menu to all videos/live streams
[add] &strm=true parameter for strm files in Kodi 18 |contrib: vlmaksime|
- use description from library and set watched status
[add] 'Settings -> Advanced -> Use YouTube website urls' for external/alternative players
eg. Player: MPC-BE, URL:
eg. playercorefactory.xml
<?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8"?>
<player name="MPC-BE" type="ExternalPlayer" audio="false" video="true">
<filename>C:\Program Files\MPC-BE x64\mpc-be64.exe</filename>
<args>"{1}" /fullscreen /close</args>
<rules action="prepend">
<rule filename="(?:http)*s*:*[/]{0,2}(?:www\.)*youtu(?:\.be/|be\.com/(?:embed/|watch/|v/|.*?[?&/]v=))[a-zA-Z0-9_\-]{11}.*" player="MPC-BE" />
[fix] Reported background progress dialog percentage
[fix] Playlist items, use video_items instead of playback_items
[fix] search history size
[fix] remove Spanish (Latin America)|es-419 from the setup wizard, causing invalidLanguage and invalidRelevanceLanguage errors
[upd] Improve speed of playback starting and resolver
before: min: 1.5s max: 2.6s median: 1.7s
after: min: 0.9s max: 2.6s median: 1.2s
[chg] refactor logging and system version
[chg] Localize confirmation
[lang] el_gr strings |contrib: twilight0|
[lang] es_es strings |contrib: roliverosc|
[lang] es_mx strings |contrib: Intel11|
[lang] it_it strings |contrib: SebastianoPistore|
[lang] nl_nl strings |contrib: Markman-B|
[lang] ru_ru strings |contrib: vlmaksime|
[fix] Signature function not found
[fix] timedelta.total_seconds python 2.6 compat.
[fix] dash settings check and defaults
[fix] addon-check raised warning for services complex entry point
[fix] codacy raised issue in http server (
[chg] move seek to onPlayBackStarted, onAVStarted only in K18
[chg] geolocation provider changed from ipstack to ip-api
[del] frodo listitem art compatibility
[lang] ru_ru strings |contrib: Burgaduk|
[lang] zh_tw strings |contrib: Zankio|
[fix] http proxy using incorrect setting id causing 403 errors
[add] Multi-user support
- Switch User folder (default: on) Settings -> Folders
- User management (Add, Remove, Rename, Switch) Settings - Users
- Signed in users are green, Current user has an *
[add/upd] add data cache and optimize caching
- add Settings -> Maintenance -> Clear data cache/Delete data cache
- increase allowed cache size
- database accesses per 50 videos: before: 70~100 after: 4~6
- load time of 50 videos w/ no cached videos: before: ~11.6 secs, after: ~3 secs
- load time of 50 videos w/ all cached videos: before: ~0.8 secs, after: ~0.7 secs
- cached size per 50 videos: before ~1MB, after ~550KB
[add] Refresh after watching (default: off) Settings -> General
[add] Completed Live folder (default: on) Settings -> Folders
[add] Upcoming Live folder (default: on) Settings -> Folders
[add] My Location folder (default: on) Settings -> Advanced -> Enable setup-wizard
[add] Play count minimum percent (default: 85%) Settings -> General -> Play count minimum percent
[add] Playback history (default: off) Settings -> Advanced -> Use playback history
[add] Time since published for videos as item properties Property(PublishedSince), Property(PublishedLocal) |contrib: pannal|
[add] Check My IP, Settings -> HTTP Server
[add] Developer authentication, allowing add-ons to use their own access tokens
- see,,, and
[upd] YouTube UTC datetimes to local timezone |contrib: pannal|
[upd] Localize API key errors, provide a more descriptive notification
[fix] Add to YouTube watch history
[fix] My Channel videos (Error 403)
[fix] allow fallback to dash, when using Audio only
[fix] Signature function not found error for some users
[fix] Context Menu -> More -> Related Videos w/ Kodi 18
[fix] Sign In/Sign Out causing crash with Kodi 18 nightlies
[fix] Channel 'mine' caching
[fix] Time changing when playing generated dash
[lang] es_es strings |contrib: roliverosc|
[lang] el_gr strings |contrib: twilight0|
[lang] nl_nl strings |contrib: Markman-B|
[fix] incorrectly raised 'Proxy is not running' error
[fix] notification encoding
[add] Python 3 compat.
[add] Settings -> Maintenance -> Delete temporary files
[add] Settings -> General -> Rate video after watching
[add] Settings -> API -> Enable API configuration page
- when enabled, visit http://<ipaddress>:<port>/api to configure API keys from a web browser
- port is configured in Settings - HTTP Server - Port
[chg] Storing personal api keys in api_keys.json
[chg] Storing login tokens in access_manager.json
[add] youtube_registration module, register developer keys and use them by appending an addon_id=<addon_id> parameter to youtube add-on plugin urls
[add] screensaver=true parameter to /play route - no suggested videos, no post play events, don't ask for quality
[add] play route for channel live streams
- plugin://
[add] Purchases
- requires Kodi 18
- requires inputstream.adaptive >= 2.2.12
- if a purchase fails after 10 seconds
- provide a debug log
- set InputStream Adaptive -> Settings -> Stream selection -> manual
- change video stream during playback to preferred working resolution
- huge thanks to peak3d
[add] relevanceLanguage to search requests
[add] Refresh to My Subscriptions (Filtered)
[fix] mpeg-dash proxy with multi-profiles
[fix] search input, now works with Yatse
[fix] Signature deciphering
[fix] context menu after playback
[fix] alternative player, do not append headers
[fix] My Subscriptions (Filtered) channel matching
[fix] Audio only, failover to video if no audio only streams available
[fix] My Subscriptions missing page 3
[fix/upd] function cache, update max rows and resolve hang on some requests
[fix/upd] post play events happen post play
[fix/upd] set title from metadata on play
[chg] only automatically remove temp folder at start-up
[upd] Dutch strings [MB1968]
[upd] French strings [bubuleur]
[upd] Greek strings [twilight0]
[upd] Spanish strings [roliverosc]
[add] Saved Playlists
[add] allow developers to use their own api key
- xbmcgui.Window(10000).setProperty('', json.dumps({"origin": ADDON_ID, "main": {"system": SYSTEM_NAME, "key": API_KEY[, "id": CLIENT_ID, "secret": CLIENT_SECRET]}}))
[add] Audio only: Settings -> General
[add] Age gate enforcement: Settings -> General
[add] Quick search and Quick search (Incognito)
- Settings -> Folders
- incognito doesn't add to search history or run post play events (add to watch history)
[add] Quick search to channels (no history)
[add] Live folder to channels
[fix] My Channel videos incl. private
[fix] mpeg-dash vods, proxy required
- Settings - MPEG-DASH
- Thanks to Schtek for generating the needed mpd file
[fix/upd] use select dialog for subtitle settings
- [add] Configure subtitles: Settings -> General
- [add] Current language with No auto-generated subtitles option
[upd] language/translation paths * Isengard (15.x)+ required
[upd] youtube_resolver: allow resolve by url
[fix/upd] do not use distutils.version.LooseVersion for version compare [stefansaraev]
[fix/upd] add check to api key stripping
[fix/upd] subtitles default to non asr track when possible
[fix/upd] login client logging and endpoints
[fix/upd] Watch Later
- Clear: Settings - Folders - Custom Watch Later playlist id
- Settings - Folders - Retrieve Watch Later playlist id
[fix/upd] History
- cannot add to history from add-on
- Clear: Settings - Folders - Custom History playlist id
[fix] /api/update route logging
[rem] SPMC mpeg-dash support
[upd] Hebrew strings [Eng2Heb]
[upd] Polish strings [Etharr]
[upd] Italian strings [DjDiabolik]
[upd] Hungarian strings [lacesz-sh]
[fix] tighten regex for routing, resolving incorrect routing
[fix] overlapping regex causing no playlist videos
[add] mpeg-dash support for live content (requires inputstream.adaptive >= 2.0.12)
[add] add route to update api keys
[fix/upd] refactor subtitles ** subtitles setting will be reset
[fix/upd] add My Subscriptions (Filtered) to dual login requirements
[fix/upd] only show Browse Channels when logged in
[upd] Greek strings [Twilight0]
[upd] Polish strings [Etharr]
[fix/upd] My Subscriptions
[fix/upd] dash working for vevo/etc
[upd] rework of auto subtitles
[fix] leia nightly login issues
[fix] 403 error on 'My Channel'/uploaded videos
[upd] Greek strings [Twilight0]
[upd] Polish strings [Etharr]
[upd] Finnish strings [teemue]
[upd] Spanish strings [roliverosc]
[fix/upd] resolve "Error Contents: 'q'" error [horstepipe]
[fix/upd] resolve Play All/Play from here not starting playback
[fix/upd] resolve playlists starting on second item
[fix/upd] allow dash in quality choices
[fix/upd] set content to files for menus, resolves mouse/scrolling
[fix/upd] fix cipher
[fix/upd] increase search history limit to 200
[fix/upd] storage db
[add] Safe Search to Settings -> General
[add] Thumbnail size to Settings -> General
[add] Auto-play suggested [mehdilauters]
[add] Automatic subtitles [Uukrull]
[add] My Subscriptions (Filtered) - whitelist/blacklist version of My Subscriptions [chhe]
[add] module extension point:
add-ons can now add dependency and resolve youtube video id's or make v3 api requests using the youtube plugin,
""" <addon.xml>
<import addon=""/>
""" <>
import youtube_resolver
streams = youtube_resolver.resolve(<video_id>)
import youtube_requests
videos = youtube_requests.get_videos([<video_id_1>, <video_id_2>, <video_id_3>])
[fix/upd] replace custom simple_requests with script.module.requests to resolve ssl and cross-platform issues
[add] 'Reset access manager' added to Maintenance section, sign out process(available when logged out) to clean up tokens in settings.xml
[upd] set default for SSL certificate verification to 'true'
[fix/upd] resolve 'No video streams found' for age-gated content and other minor.
[fix/upd] unescaping HTML entities in subtitles [mdmdmdmdmd]
[upd] Polish strings [Etharr]
[fix/upd] resolve 'No video streams found'
[fix/upd] SPMC dash support guidosarducci
[upd] Italian strings [iz8mbw]
[upd] Spanish strings [roliverosc]
[upd] Dutch strings [Sjord]
[fix/upd] Frodo backwards compat. setArt [lulol]
[add] MPEG-DASH support for Kodi 17 w/ inputstream.adaptive Add-on
[add] optional History and Watch Later custom playlist to Settings -> Folders, or (My)Playlists context menu to set/remove
[add] Maintenance section to Settings
[add] 'Subtitle language(s) to download' selection to Settings -> General
[add] 'Force SSL Certificate verification' to Settings -> Advanced
[upd] API key set switching from Settings -> API (this will log you out)
[upd] Dual login only required if My Subscriptions folder is enabled at sign-in
[upd] setting content type from episodes, now videos
[del] override view options
[upd] Norwegian strings [torstehu]
[upd] Greek strings [twilight0]
[upd] Portuguese strings [Wanilton]
[upd] Dutch strings [flemlion]
[fix/upd] API tweaking and various other updates
5.2.2 (2016-05-28)
[upd] Insert old API-Keys from Bromix because of Quota-Exceed-Error
[add] Dutch strings (thanks to Guilouz)
[upd] French strings (thanks to royreinders)
[upd] Greek strings (thanks to Twilight0)
5.2.1 (2016-05-12)
[add] Additional "Recommend for You" section (thanks to anxdpanic)
5.2.0 (2016-05-11)
[upd] APi-Changer - First login delete old Credentials - New Login Required! Sorry :) (2016-05-03)
Workaround for the Quota Exceed-Error.
[add] API-Changer for a Pool of 6 API-Keys
[add] Auto-Reauthenticate with Pool-Key on "Quota Exceed" error
[add] "Use own API"-Button
[hint] The Message "Invalid Credentials" after Update could be fixed with deleting the Userdata-Settings.xml
[add] add Recommendations to main listing when logged in [anxdpanic] (2016-04-03)
[add] Greek Translation from twilight0
[upd] Fixed italian translation from DjDiabolik (2016-03-20)
[upd] Ignore if '' entered in API Id string in add-on settings (2016-03-05)
[add] API Key in add-on settings
[upd] All string.po for new API Key functionality. New entries in language string.po files not translated from English. (2016-03-04)
[fix] All Key changed with YouTube TV (2016-03-04)
[fix] Live streams itag 91 patch
[add] Kodi 17 Krypton support. Patch by Uukrul
5.1.20 (2016-02-25)
[fix] Final fix for APIs
5.1.16 (2015-12-24)
[fix] reverted search order by date
5.1.15 (2015-12-22)
[fix] signature calculation
5.1.14 (2015-12-22)
[upd] default search order by date (newest first)
[fix] VEVO signature calculation
5.1.13 (2015-12-20)
[fix] frodo...DIE FRODO DIE !!!
[fix] some cleanup for Jarvis
5.1.12 (2015-11-29)
[fix] sort issues with Jarvis (thx 2 guidosarducci)
5.1.11 (2015-11-24)
[fix] signature calculation (e.g. VEVO)
5.1.10 (2015-11-13)
[fix] signature calculation (e.g. VEVO)
5.1.9 (2015-09-21)
[add] Hebrew (thx 2 smoky-jr)
[upd] don't set default season and episodes (1x1)
[upd] another try to optimize the quota problem. Move all searches to the individual keys instead of one global
[fix] playback issues (skip discontinued video/format by YouTube)
5.1.8 (2015-08-23)
[add] Bulgarian (thx 2 NEOhidra)
[upd] new quota shaping
[fix] personal playlists (Watch Later, Liked Video, ...) should work again
[fix] playback of VEVO videos - some videos still using discontinued ITAG13
[fix] show login, when an endpoint is called, which requires permissions.
5.1.7 (2015-07-15)
ADD: quota optimization via separate key for none-token depended API calls
UPD: new login semantic to sign out if someone upgrades to a newer version of KODI
FIX: 'Next Page (X)' item was added to the current playlist for playback
5.1.6 (2015-06-14)
ADD: Chinese (Traditional) (thx 2 beddfaf916)
ADD: Czech (thx 2 tomaswcz)
ADD: Romanian (thx 2 Danny3)
UPD: test some new pagination for 'My Subscriptions'
UPD: Polish (thx 2 Etharr)
FIX: show notification again for unsupported rtmpe streams
FIX: unicode/utf-8 trouble in kodion
5.1.5 (2015-05-29)
UPD: remove deprecation warning for Isengard
FIX: Issue 7163 (Missing pagination for subscriptions - YouTube APIv3 bug)
5.1.4 (2015-05-26)
ADD: Frodo support (only if you install via zip or bromix repo)
UPD: new API-KEY - thanks to the guy for hijacking the key for trailer searches
UPD: Russian (thx 2 BytEvil)
FIX: cache wasn't working correctly without login
5.1.3 (2015-05-16)
UPD: code cleaning
FIX: minor fixes
5.1.2 (2015-05-15)
ADD: ask for video quality (optional)
UPD: code cleaning
UPD: Russian (thx 2 BytEvil)
UPD: kodion
FIX: add 'Play all' for playlist (again)
5.1.1 (2015-05-10)
ADD: 'More...' in context menu to provide more items
ADD: show deprecation warning of old plugin calls starting with Isengard
ADD: EndPoint: 'plugin://[URL_ENC_TEXT]'
ADD: API Key for each major version of KODI
UPD: Ukrainian (thx 2 Dukobpa3)
UPD: Russian (thx 2 BytEvil)
UPD: new second fanart
UPD: reorganized context menu
UPD: improved logging (debug only)
UPD: Improved error handling
FIX: refresh after rating a video (own playlist only)
FIX: add 'refresh' again for 'My subscriptions'
DEL: removed old v2 API
5.1.0 (2015-04-22)
ADD: Double login to support 'My subscriptions' via YouTube TV API
ADD: 'More Links from the description' - extracts further links from the description
ADD: Korean (thx 2 piodio)
UPD: removed old implementation of 'My Subscriptions'
UPD: new fanart and icon
UPD: changed credentials
UPD: minimal quota-optimization
UPD: French (thx 2 eauland)
UPD: YouTube relevant description links - improved extraction and resolving of video/playlist urls
UPD: YouTube relevant description links - improved extraction and resolving of user/channel urls
UPD: YouTube relevant description links - improved performance resolving urls with caching
UPD: regex optimizations for season and expisode extraction
FIX: support fanart of channel in new implementation of 'My Subscriptions'
FIX: YouTube relevant description links - script error while some server return garbage for a location
FIX: script error while resolving url fails
FIX: script error while adding video to a playlist
FIX: show seconds (runtime) in Gotham
5.0.9 (2015-03-14)
ADD: 'duration' optimized for KODI 15.X (Isengard)
ADD: EndPoint for listing the videos of a playlist: "plugin://<PLAYLIST_ID>/"
UPD: optimized client-/server transfer (use gzip)
5.0.8 (2015-03-05)
UPD: Polish (thx 2 Etharr)
UPD: Russian (thx 2 BytEvil)
FIX: improved playback
5.0.7 (2015-02-27)
ADD: 'Refresh' in 'My Subscriptions' and all my playlists
ADD: rename search history item
UPD: French (thx 2 Trilip)
UPD: Ukrainian (thx 2 posledov)
UPD: Spanish (thx 2 PatOso)
FIX: possible crash on not well formed language ids
FIX: optimized logging
FIX: unicode trouble
5.0.6 (2015-02-17)
ADD: setting for hiding the channel name in the description
ADD: Ukrainian (thx 2 posledov)
UPD: show 'Watch History' (default)
UPD: Russian (thx 2 BytEvil)
UPD: improved support for live streams
UPD: improved stream selection based on container
FIX: 'What to watch' => 'Popular right now'
FIX: don't crash while trying to play rtmpe
FIX: corrected ITAG 18 in 360p instead of 260p
5.0.5 (2015-02-01)
ADD: clear search history items
UPD: replace context menu not everywhere
UPD: dropped dependency of 'requests'-module because of performance issues
FIX: Add playing video to the 'Watch History'
FIX: maybe a fix for a problem (again!) on unix systems while using python 2.7.9 + certificate verification
FIX: removed pagination for "Related Videos" - the fix before produced some nasty side-effects
FIX: Vevo signature
5.0.4 (2015-01-15)
ADD: 'Live' in search
ADD: 'Play with...' for supporting external/alternative player
ADD: live events (needed some tests and feedback)
ADD: support for user names instead of channel ids
UPD: set XBMC/KODI to at least Gotham 13.2
UPD: Setup-Wizard views based on content type (KODION update)
FIX: Playlist should work again
FIX: Pagination in APIv2
FIX: settings for hiding 'Live' menu
DEL: support for Frodo
5.0.3 (2015-01-08)
ADD: 'Disliked Videos'
ADD: 240p, 360p and 480p
UPD: adjustment in KODION classes (maybe causing problems on MAC OS X 10.10.X + Python 2.6)
UPD: Russian (thx 2 BytEvil)
UPD: Spanish (thx 2 PatOso)
UPD: Polish (thx 2 D.K.)
FIX: German translation
FIX: some Frodo updates
5.0.2 (2015-01-01)
ADD: Support for shared playlists via Yatse
ADD: 'Play from here' for playlists
ADD: 'Queue Video'
FIX: German translation
FIX: Portuguese (Brazil) (thx 2 ASH_Macedo)
5.0.1 (2014-12-31)
ADD: 'Play all' (default, reverse, shuffle)
ADD: Italian (thx 2 peppe_sr)
ADD: Portuguese (Brazil) (thx 2 ASH_Macedo)
ADD: Hungarian (thx 2 gyeben)
ADD: Portuguese (thx 2 enen92)
ADD: Polish (thx 2 D.K.)
ADD: Russian (thx 2 BytEvil)
ADD: Spanish (thx 2 PatOso)
ADD: French (thx 2 roondar)
UPD: support for '1080XF' and 'Xperience1080'
FIX: some live streams should work
FIX: update meta data for video played via ext. url
FIX: remove video from 'Watch Later' playlist
REV: reverted to requests
5.0.0 (2014-12-27)
DEL: removed beta
ADD: new rating system - like/dislike/remove
ADD: show confirmation before remove a video or deleting a playlist
ADD: rename your playlists
ADD: setup default view modes (default and videos)
ADD: setup correct language and region for YouTube
ADD: support for old YouTube url calls (plugin://[ID])
UPD: new icons
UPD: reorganized context menu
UPD: some minor tests
UPD: moved 'Watch Later' up in context menu
FIX: rename playlist
FIX: show newest videos first (uploads of channel)
FIX: show fanarts in 'Watch Later' and 'Liked Videos'
1.0.0~alpha29 (2014-12-14)
UPD: new login mechanism (removed the old one)
ADD: translation fr-FR (thanks to roondar)
ADD: manage playlists - create, remove and add videos to a selected playlists
FIX: support cyrillic letters
1.0.0~alpha28 (2014-12-07)
ADD: subscribe to channel (from videos and playlist)
UPD: rework of handling context menu
FIX: remove next page for related videos (because APIv3 is broken)
1.0.0~alpha27 (2014-12-01)
UPD: performance improved for auto-removing videos from 'Watch Later' list
FIX: error while navigating to the next page
1.0.0~alpha26 (2014-11-30)
ADD: hide all entries (except search) via settings in the root menu
ADD: missing pagination for 'My Subscriptions'
FIX: next page is working again (Watch Later)
UPD: disabled language (for now) Kodi isn't providing reliable language IDs
1.0.0~alpha25 (2014-11-29)
UPD: requests with language/region
UPD: new icons
ADD: Auto-Remove from 'Watch Later' list
ADD: 'Related Videos'
UPD: show channel name in the description
FIX: disable verification warnings
1.0.0~alpha24 (2014-11-27)
ADD: 'Browse Channels'
FIX: support for skins calling '.*/extrafanart/'
1.0.0~alpha23 (2014-11-26)
ADD: 'What to watch'
FIX: 'My subscriptions' switched to version APIv2.1 (Google) DAMN YOU!!!
1.0.0~alpha22 (2014-11-25)
ADD: sorting
FIX: crash when calling 'My subscriptions'
FIX: signature calculation
1.0.0~alpha21 (2014-11-24)
CHG: method for playing a video changed to a more query like uri
FIX: crash under android systems. Regular Expressions work a little different :)
1.0.0~alpha20 (2014-11-23)
FIX: Git merge with master
1.0.0~alpha19 (2014-11-23)
UPD: complete rewrite
UPD: switch to kodion
1.0.0~alpha18 (2014-08-31)
- ADD: Support for ETag - could improve performance
- ADD: remove item of search history
- FIX: #22 calculation of duration
- FIX: #28 display 'general' instead of 'like' in settings
1.0.0~alpha17 (2014-08-10)
- ADD: 'Go to CHANNEL' of a selected video
- ADD: Support for 'Subscribe' and 'Unsubscribe' of channels
- ADD: Full support for 'Like'
- ADD: Remove own playlist via context menu
- ADD: Show/Hide 'Browse Channels' via settings
- FIX: Using only thumbnails from API v3 - 'My Subscriptions' is using v2 and returning different thumbnails
- FIX: Displaying false channel in video description
- FIX: Don't update search history before showing the search result
1.0.0~alpha16 (2014-08-08)
- FIX: provide 'Next Page' under 'My Subscriptions' if there are more results
- ADD: Hide and show menu items via settings
- ADD: Search history (set the size via settings from 0-50 items)
1.0.0~alpha15 (2014-08-04)
- FIX: moved (only) for the subscribtions to V2 to see new uploaded videos
1.0.0~alpha14 (2014-08-03)
- ADD: 'Remove' via context menu for playlists
- ADD: 'Watch Later' via context menu to add a video to the 'Watch Later' playlist
- ADD: Automatic remove from the 'Watch Later' playlists (optional via settings - default = true)
- ADD: Support for history - after playback the video should be added to the history. Not working correct.
- ADD: Fanart for channels. Only if you select a channel directly.
- optimized some of the addon code
1.0.0~alpha13 (2014-08-02)
- FIX: improved token and login validation
1.0.0~alpha12 (2014-08-01)
- ADD: Show 'Published on' and 'Channel' in the description of a video (can be disabled via setting)
- ADD: support for 3D videos (can be disabled via setting)
- Accelerated resolving of video URLs (almost 2x as fast)
1.0.0~alpha11 (2014-07-30)
- FIX: added a fallback for videos that require a login (works very fast?!?!)
- FIX: if username or password is missing reset the whole token logic
1.0.0~alpha10 (2014-07-29)
- FIX: improved performance on decoding signatures for some videos
- ADD: support for custom-created playlists
- FIX: sort own subscriptions
- ADD: enable/disable video, channel and/or playlist search
1.0.0~alpha9 (2014-07-28)
- FIX: removed debug
1.0.0~alpha8 (2014-07-28)
- ADD: login tests
1.0.0~alpha7 (2014-07-27)
- FIX: added support from to decode signatures of some videos
1.0.0~alpha6 (2014-07-27)
- added support of playlists of a channel (first page only)
- optimized some major routines for easier support of all youtube's content
1.0.0~alpha5 (2014-07-27)
- version bump for tests
1.0.0~alpha4 (2014-07-26)
- added runtime for each video (crazy hack)
- disabled debug
1.0.0~alpha3 (2014-07-26)
- little fixes regarding youtube channels
1.0.0~alpha2 (2014-07-26)
- added youtube channels and search
- added playback
1.0.0~alpha (2014-07-26)
- initial version for tests