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# Changelog
## streamlink 2.4.0 (2021-09-07)
Release highlights:
- Deprecated: stream-type specific stream transport options in favor of generic options ([#3893](
- use `--stream-segment-attempts` instead of `--{dash,hds,hls}-segment-attempts`
- use `--stream-segment-threads` instead of `--{dash,hds,hls}-segment-threads`
- use `--stream-segment-timeout` instead of `--{dash,hds,hls}-segment-timeout`
- use `--stream-timeout` instead of `--{dash,hds,hls,rtmp,http-stream}-timeout`
See the documentation's [deprecations page]( for more information.
- Deprecated: `--hls-segment-stream-data` option and made it always stream segment data ([#3894](
- Updated: Python version of the Windows installer from 3.8 to 3.9 and dropped support for Windows 7 due to Python incompatibilities ([#3918](
See the documentation's [install page]( for alternative installation methods on Windows 7.
- Updated: FFmpeg in the Windows Installer from 4.2 (Zeranoe) to 4.4 ([streamlink/FFmpeg-Builds]( ([#3981](
- Added: `{author}`, `{category}`/`{game}`, `{title}` and `{url}` variables to `--output`, `--record` and `--record-and-play` ([#3962](
- Added: `{time}`/`{time:custom-format}` variable to `--title`, `--output`, `--record` and `--record-and-play` ([#3993](
- Added: `--fs-safe-rules` for changing character replacement rules in file outputs ([#3962](
- Added: plugin metadata to `--json` stream data output ([#3987](
- Fixed: named pipes not being cleaned up by FFMPEGMuxer ([#3992](
- Fixed: KeyError on invalid variables in `--player-args` ([#3988](
- Fixed: tests failing in certain cases when run in different order ([#3920](
- Fixed: initial HLS playlist parsing issues ([#3903](, [#3910](
- Fixed: various plugin issues. Please see the changelog down below.
- Dependencies: added `lxml>=4.6.3` ([#3952](
- Dependencies: switched back to `requests>=2.26.0` on Windows ([#3930](
- Removed plugins: animeworld ([#3951](, gardenersworld ([#3966](, huomao ([#3932](
Grabien <> (1):
plugins.nbcnews: fix stream URL extraction (#3909)
Ian Cameron <> (2):
plugins.huomao: plugin removal
plugins.pluto: fix URL match for 2 letter language codes
Leonardo Nascimento <> (1):
plugins.booyah: add support for source stream (#3969)
back-to <> (9):
stream.hls: handle exception StreamError in Thread-HLSStreamWorker - iter_segments
plugins.raiplay: use 'res.encoding = "UTF-8"'
plugins.rtve: update for /play/ URLs
plugins.zattoo: fix HLS stream, added more debug details
tests.mixins.stream_hls: increase TIMEOUT_AWAIT_WRITE timeout, use --durations 10 for pytest
setup: update requests version >=2.26.0 and
plugins.abematv: skip invalid ad segments
plugins.animelab: removed
cli.argparser: Fixed ValueError for streamlink --help
bastimeyer <> (39):
session: deprecate options for spec. stream types
stream.hls: remove hls-segment-stream-data option
docs: reorganize stream transport options
stream.hls: except more errors raised by requests
tests.hls: fix playlist reload time tests
stream.hls: close stream on initial parsing error
installer: upgrade to python 3.9
tests: fix Plugin.bind(session) calls
plugin: fix cookie related error messages
docs: update python-requests version comment
plugins.twitch: replace remaining kraken API calls
plugins.twitch: refactor TwitchAPI class methods
plugins.euronews: add API fallback requests
plugins.sportschau: fix audio streams
vendor: add lxml dependency
plugins.deutschewelle: rewrite plugin
plugins.gardenersworld: remove plugin
cli: player title and file output metadata vars
plugin.api.validate: switch to lxml.etree
plugin.api.validate: add args+kwargs to transform
plugin.api.validate: add parse_{json,html,xml,qsd}
plugin: metadata attributes
plugins: fix utils imports
plugins.welt: rewrite and simplify using XPath
plugins.deutschewelle: validate.parse_html
plugins.reuters: rewrite and fix using XPath
plugins.euronews: rewrite and fix using XPath
installer: move assets config to local JSON file
installer: switch to streamlink/FFmpeg-Builds
cli.main: f-strings
cli.main: annotate types of global vars
cli.main: check args.json instead of console.json
cli.console: refactor ConsoleOutput
cli: include plugin metadata in --json output
cli.output: fix unknown vars in --player-args / -a
stream.ffmpegmux: always clean up named pipes
cli.utils.formatter: rewrite Formatter
cli.utils.formatter: implement format_spec
cli: add {time:format} var to --output / --title
gustaf <> (1):
plugins.svtplay: fix plugin video id
steven7851 <> (1):
plugins.app17: fix API_URL and URL match (#3989)
## streamlink 2.3.0 (2021-07-26)
Release highlights: