3961 Commits (master)

Author SHA1 Message Date
bastimeyer 7da6e676cc setup: remove NO_DEPS env var 21 hours ago
bastimeyer 42ca168b27 setup: switch to declarative package metadata 3 days ago
bastimeyer 0cb0ff9805 installer: remove unneeded 3rd party license texts 3 days ago
bastimeyer 3690a32588 plugins.twitch: remove device-id headers 4 days ago
bastimeyer 9c11b3d595 docs: fix Solus package link 4 days ago
bastimeyer 06eba3bdbf setup: disable test command 5 days ago
bastimeyer 765f969dfd ci.github: switch to codecov-action@v2 2 weeks ago
bastimeyer 1a1a3a06a2 plugins.okru: rewrite plugin, drop RTMP 2 weeks ago
Ian Cameron 5225675ef5 plugins.facebook: update onion address 2 weeks ago
bastimeyer 8f159322ba plugin.api: remove StreamMapper 2 weeks ago
back-to 8a0b6594b4
plugins.twitch: add device-id headers (#4086) 2 weeks ago
bastimeyer e152c539eb cli: refactor FileOutput and Formatter 2 weeks ago
back-to a587e96719 plugins.viasat: removed 2 weeks ago
back-to 33683d9098 plugins.app17: remove RTMPStream, cleanup 2 weeks ago
back-to 67fca1ac2a plugins.ssh101: use parse_html 2 weeks ago
back-to 27890af437 plugins.tv999: use parse_html 2 weeks ago
bastimeyer 5b01621fd1 setup: show error on older python versions 2 weeks ago
bastimeyer b3efc27d1a plugins.tv5monde: re-implement plugin 2 weeks ago
bastimeyer 3c85180510 plugins.tv5monde: remove plugin 3 weeks ago
bastimeyer 94946df825 script: fix update-removed-plugins bash script 3 weeks ago
bastimeyer b311b2cffc utils.parse: fix ignore_ns in parse_xml 3 weeks ago
bastimeyer 4253f88548 ci.github: add regular py310 test runners 3 weeks ago
bastimeyer e38caa19a1 plugins.brightcove: rewrite plugin 3 weeks ago
bastimeyer e255b96da4 session: move from http to https as default scheme 3 weeks ago
back-to 5df21cdce8
plugins.showroom: cleanup (#4065) 3 weeks ago
bastimeyer 4c50ae3931 session: don't override https-proxy scheme 3 weeks ago
bastimeyer fbf231e42b tests: fix partial coverage in can_handle_url 3 weeks ago
Ian Cameron 02384d5d34 plugins.pandalive: new plugin 3 weeks ago
MinePlayersPE 099e7e4af6
plugins.youtube: better API age-gate bypassing (#4058) 3 weeks ago
bastimeyer a49f1024ca plugins.youtube: replace itertags with XPath 3 weeks ago
bastimeyer 0386a18a01 plugins.bfmtv: rewrite plugin using XPath 3 weeks ago
bastimeyer 481eab652c plugins: fix update_scheme calls 4 weeks ago
bastimeyer b919ae3cb9 utils.url: make update_scheme always update target 4 weeks ago
bastimeyer 87a103dafd plugins.picarto: fix HLS URL hostname 4 weeks ago
back-to c8f0e43236
plugins.oneplusone: cleanup and add auto session reload (#4049) 4 weeks ago
bastimeyer 1549c41752 build: include bash and zsh completions in wheels 4 weeks ago
bastimeyer b37fb31ef8 plugins.earthcam: rewrite plugin, remove rtmp 1 month ago
Ian Cameron 96aea02bd8
plugins.bbciplayer: remove HDSStream, upgrade scheme (#4041) 4 weeks ago
bastimeyer 6407e97ce8 tests: move tests/streams to tests/stream 1 month ago
bastimeyer a0437c2e7b stream: clean up imports 1 month ago
bastimeyer b943184468 plugins.bloomberg: rewrite plugin 1 month ago
bastimeyer 5647096197 plugins.artetv: rewrite plugin using v2 API 1 month ago
bastimeyer 24c59a2310 utils: split into submodules and fix imports 1 month ago
back-to 52e437682a plugins.webcast_india_gov: removed 1 month ago
bastimeyer 57046e03d3 plugins: clean up imports of parse_* utils 1 month ago
bastimeyer 6786198f66 plugins.pluzz: rewrite plugin 1 month ago
bastimeyer 57023b1430 tests: fix Accept-Encoding headers in stream_json 1 month ago
back-to fd9e0b137c plugins.viutv: removed 1 month ago
back-to 44862a8ffa stream.hls: Fix error msg for 'Unable to decrypt cipher ...' 1 month ago
bastimeyer de5b27b480 utils: move all URL methods to utils.url 1 month ago