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#!/usr/bin/env python
from os import path
from sys import argv, exit, version_info
from textwrap import dedent
def format_msg(text, *args, **kwargs):
return dedent(text).strip(" \n").format(*args, **kwargs)
CURRENT_PYTHON = version_info[:2]
# This check and everything above must remain compatible with older Python versions
Unsupported Python version
This version of Streamlink requires at least Python {}.{},
but you're trying to install it on Python {}.{}.
This may be because you are using a version of pip that
doesn't understand the python_requires classifier.
Make sure you have pip >= 9.0 and setuptools >= 24.2
# Explicitly disable running tests via setuptools
if "test" in argv:
Running `python test` has been deprecated since setuptools 41.5.0.
Streamlink requires pytest for collecting and running tests, via one of these commands:
`pytest` or `python -m pytest` (see the pytest docs for more infos about this)
def is_wheel_for_windows():
if "bdist_wheel" in argv:
names = ["win32", "win-amd64", "cygwin"]
length = len(argv)
for pos in range(argv.index("bdist_wheel") + 1, length):
if argv[pos] == "--plat-name" and pos + 1 < length:
return argv[pos + 1] in names
elif argv[pos][:12] == "--plat-name=":
return argv[pos][12:] in names
return False
entry_points = {
"console_scripts": ["streamlink=streamlink_cli.main:main"]
if is_wheel_for_windows():
entry_points["gui_scripts"] = ["streamlinkw=streamlink_cli.main:main"]
# optional data files
data_files = [
# shell completions
# requires pre-built completion files via shtab (dev-requirements.txt)
# `./script/`
("share/bash-completion/completions", ["completions/bash/streamlink"]),
("share/zsh/site-functions", ["completions/zsh/_streamlink"]),
# man page
# requires pre-built man page file via sphinx (docs-requirements.txt)
# `make --directory=docs clean man`
("share/man/man1", ["docs/_build/man/streamlink.1"])
data_files = [
(destdir, [file for file in srcfiles if path.exists(file)])
for destdir, srcfiles in data_files
if __name__ == "__main__":
from setuptools import setup # type: ignore[import]
from versioningit import get_cmdclasses