18592 Commits (master)

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Wes adb5294177
[aenetworks] Update _THEPLATFORM_KEY and _THEPLATFORM_SECRET (#29749) 2 weeks ago
Kyraminol Endyeran 5f5c127ece
[VVVVID] Support video/dash types (#31060) 4 weeks ago
dirkf 090acd58c1
[options] Improve be35e53 (--match-/reject-title parameter value) 1 month ago
dirkf a03b9775d5 [Mediaset] Support player version number in URL pattern 1 month ago
dirkf 8a158a936c [NHK] Use new API URL 2 months ago
dirkf 11665dd236 [test] Fix linter for 3aa94d7945 2 months ago
dirkf cc179df346 [XHamster] Support xhday.com alias, extract `uploader_id` 2 months ago
pukkandan 0700fde640 [utils, etc] Kill child processes when yt-dl is killed 2 months ago
dirkf 811c480f7b [YouTube] Support JSON3 subtitle format 2 months ago
dirkf 3aa94d7945 [test] Fix workable subtitle tests (except YT) and mark others as skip, broken 2 months ago
dirkf ef044be34b [test] Skip not _WORKING IE in subtitle tests; use unittest.skipTest throughout 2 months ago
dirkf 530f4582d0 [HRFernsehen] Back-port new extractor from yt-dlp 2 months ago
pukkandan 1baa0f5f66 [utils] Escape URL while sanitizing 2 months ago
LewdyCoder 9aa8e5340f
[Readme] Clarified extractor naming (#29799) 2 months ago
dirkf 04fd3289d3 [YouPorn] Improve `upload_date` extraction 2 months ago
dirkf 52c3751df7 [utils] Enable ALPN in HTTPS to satisfy broken servers 2 months ago
dirkf 187a48aee2 [YouTube] Handle player c5a4daa1 with indirect n-function definition 3 months ago
Jacob Chapman be35e5343a Update options.py 3 months ago
dirkf c3deca86ae
[wat.tv] Add version `pver` to metadata API call 3 months ago
dirkf c7965b9fc2
[NHK] Support alphabetic characters in 7-char NhkVod IDs (#29682) 3 months ago
dirkf e988fa4523 [doc] Clarify test naming 3 months ago
dirkf e27d8d819f
[streamcz] Remove empty `'{}'.format()` for Py2.6 3 months ago
Árni Dagur ebc627847c
[KTH] Add new extractor for KTH play (#30885) 3 months ago
dirkf a0068bd6be [Youtube] Fix "n" descrambling for player fae06c11 4 months ago
dirkf b764dbe773
Disable blank issues 4 months ago
nixxo 871645a4a4 [RAI] Fix extraction of http formats 4 months ago
nixxo 1f50a07771 [RAI] Extend formats with direct http mp4 link (PR #27990) 4 months ago
nixxo 9e5ca66f16 [RAI] Added checks for DRM protected content (PR #27657) 4 months ago
lihan7 17d295a1ec [extractor/bilibili] Fix path "/audio/auxxxxx" download return 403 4 months ago
dirkf 49c5293014 Ignore --external-downloader-args if --external-downloader was rejected 5 months ago
df 6508688e88 Make default upload_/release_date a compat_str 5 months ago
dirkf 4194d253c0 Avoid skipping ID when unlisted_hash is numeric 5 months ago
dirkf f8e543c906 [Alsace20TV] Add new extractors Alsace20TVIE, Alsace20TVEmbedIE 6 months ago
dirkf c4d1738316 [CPAC] Add extractor for Canadian Parliament 6 months ago
dirkf 1f13ccfd7f
Fixed groups() call on potentially empty regex search object (#30676) 6 months ago
marieell 923292ba64 [aliexpress] Fix test case 6 months ago
Lesmiscore (Naoya Ozaki) 782bfd26db
[bigo] add support for bigo.tv (#30635) 6 months ago
Vladimir Stavrinov 3472227074
[rutv] fix vbr for empty string value (#30623) 6 months ago
Petr Vaněk bf23bc0489 add missing __future__ import unicode_literals 6 months ago
Petr Vaněk 85bf26c1d0 resolve problem with unpacking operator for <py3.5 6 months ago
Petr Vaněk d8adca1b66 [streamcz] test fixes and one additional test 6 months ago
Petr Vaněk d02064218b do not use f-strings 6 months ago
Petr Vaněk b1297308fb avoid traverse_obj function 6 months ago
Petr Vaněk 8088ce036a revert: use _match_valid_url function 6 months ago
Petr Vaněk 29f7bfc4d7 [streamcz] cherry-pick from yt-dlp 6 months ago
dirkf 74f8cc48af [extractor/videa] Back-port from yt-dlp PRs 463+1028 6 months ago
kikuyan 8ff961d10f [extractor/videa] fix extraction in Py2 6 months ago
dirkf 266b6ef185 [BBC] Also allow PID with leading 'l' (live?) 6 months ago
dirkf 825d3426c5
[Nuvid] Use site JSON for video details (#29332) 6 months ago
dirkf 47b0c8697a [ARD] Back-port subtitle extraction from yt-dlp PR 2409 6 months ago