Some config files to make kunsis computers work exactly as shitty as they want them to work.
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Von Birne a4d873becd i3pystatus/ cast time to int 1 year ago
dunst add dunstrc 3 years ago
fish remove fortune from fish 1 year ago
grobi grobi: add on_failure 2 years ago
i3 various improvements 1 year ago
i3pystatus i3pystatus/ cast time to int 1 year ago
khal add voc calendar to khal 3 years ago
khard Add khard and khal config 3 years ago
mpv mpv: fix terminal status output 1 year ago
redshift redshift: less blue during the day 2 years ago
rofi rofi: use new config format 2 years ago
systemd/user fixup cleanup-homedir.service 1 year ago
xiate xiate: non-blinking block cursor 1 year ago