Fedi bot that posts nose ears comics.
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Fediverse Nose Ears bot

Posts the Nose Ears comics to the fediverse. It supports comic titles, images and alt texts.


To configure this bot, customize the first lines in the noseears.py script to your needs, such as by setting the instance varible and the datadir and credfile variables to indicate the position where the bot should store its data and the credentials file respectively. The credentials file can be generated using the mastodon.log_in method.


When supplied with no arguments, noseears.py tries to fetch the latest nose ears comic. When supplied with a number as an argument, it tries to fetch the comic with said number, and if "random" is passed as an argument, it tries to fetch a random comic.

Copyright © 2022 Antonia antonia@antonia.is, Licensed under GPL Version 3 or later.