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Franzi 932ef76e8d
add rel="me" to links 4 weeks ago
Franzi 565b496b01
bump gpg key for 9 months ago
Franzi 41b0d775b9
convert ttf font to woff2 1 year ago
Franzi a97809a114
proper english 1 year ago
Franzi bbb9354a7b
better colours for threema 1 year ago
Franzi 757a5f1755
matrix: use matrix: url scheme 1 year ago
Franzi b06e683c1b
add ssh public key 1 year ago
Franzi f3b04c375f
less text-stroke for h1 on small browsers 1 year ago
Franzi 46d64b871d
fix race condition for browsers which are exactly 800px wide 1 year ago
Franzi 63422d44fc
add some mobile css 1 year ago
Franzi 3005181ed4
for now, make everything small 1 year ago
Franzi bf5bd88cca
fix alignment of page elements 1 year ago
Franzi f77214ff81
update jekyll and jekyll-feed 1 year ago
Franzi c191668b8a
replace front page with some links 1 year ago
Franzi 5e251b1c3c
re-indent 404.html 1 year ago
Franzi b62b3c0b0d
re-indent blog.html 1 year ago
Franzi d2cfe72e90
guess we can remove an over-two-year-old empty draft 1 year ago
Franzi b06306e1f5 fix jenkins build image 1 year ago
Franzi dddc43bf88 remove shitty layout, some redesign 1 year ago
Franzi 8b34d55b4c add .editorconfig 1 year ago
Franzi 56d07cccdd
footer: a wild jenkins appeared 1 year ago
Franzi 668ec7e5c2
fix weird design issue 1 year ago
Franzi e617f448ec
gitea has moved to 1 year ago
Franzi 80435871e3
we're no longer using jenkins 2 years ago
Franzi fa256e4ea9
update gpg key 2 years ago
Franzi 05ef7a2665
whoops, seems i forgot to update my gpg key here 2 years ago
Franzi 30a4f47fec
fix language tag 2 years ago
Franzi 18b5936d50
add vertical-align to images 2 years ago
Franzi 80936d556a
add jenkins build status to footer 2 years ago
Franzi 945897e3d9
update matrix keys 2 years ago
Franzi 41cbca84d8
add irc to contact 3 years ago
Franzi 68e568be1c
update matrix keys 3 years ago
Franzi 5c13c561ea
Remove XMPP 3 years ago
Franzi 96529a2fad
Update mastodon account info 3 years ago
Franzi 5b9e40787b
Add missing dash to about.html 3 years ago
Franzi 9af7766a78
Fix title on "about me" page 3 years ago
Franzi fbe8829295
Add PGP public key 3 years ago
Franzi 8dbd265532
Add matrix keys file 3 years ago
Franzi 168435c5f3
Update footer. I no longer use Gitlab. 3 years ago
Franzi 09e11dbcbb
More facts :3 3 years ago
Franzi 8aabd73dd3
Add some facts about me to about.html 3 years ago
Franzi 8ee85d0761
Fix formatting of html in contact.html 3 years ago
Franzi df37479a81
add .gitignore 3 years ago
Franzi 6037817bfa
move redesign post to drafts 3 years ago
Franzi 8956fbf25b
initial commit 3 years ago