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Use secrets from [pass]( in your [BundleWrap]( repo.
# Installation
pip install bundlewrap-pass
# Setup
There's no setup needed. Please note bundlewrap-pass will override your
`PASSWORD_STORE_DIR` to the content of `BW_PASS_DIR`, which in turn will
default to `~/.password-store`. Keep this in mind if you want to use
a custom path to your passwordstore repo.
# usage
bundlewrap-pass will use the first line of `pass` output to get its
`password` attribute. You can also retrieve any other saved attributes,
as long as your pass entries conform to the format which browserpass uses:
custom_attribute: foo
another_attr: bar
You can then retrieve those attributes using the `attr` method of
Example ``:
import bwpass
nodes = {
'somenode': {
'metadata': {
'my_secret': bwpass.password('my_identifier'),
'my_custom_attr': bwpass.attr('my_identifier', 'custom_attribute'),
Note: This will insert a proxy object into your metadata, the actual secret is not retrieved until you convert it to a string (e.g. by inserting it in a template or calling str() explicitly).
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