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Use secrets from pass in your BundleWrap repo.


pip install bundlewrap-pass


There's no setup needed. Please note bundlewrap-pass will override your PASSWORD_STORE_DIR to the content of BW_PASS_DIR, which in turn will default to ~/.password-store. Keep this in mind if you want to use a custom path to your passwordstore repo.


bundlewrap-pass will use the first line of pass output to get its password attribute. You can also retrieve any other saved attributes, as long as your pass entries conform to the format which browserpass uses:

custom_attribute: foo
another_attr: bar

You can then retrieve those attributes using the attr method of bundlewrap-pass.


import bwpass

nodes = {
    'somenode': {
        'metadata': {
            'my_secret': bwpass.password('my_identifier'),
            'my_custom_attr': bwpass.attr('my_identifier', 'custom_attribute'),

Note: This will insert a proxy object into your metadata, the actual secret is not retrieved until you convert it to a string (e.g. by inserting it in a template or calling str() explicitly).

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