config management repository for all servers operated or managed by me
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Franzi c34f3ebbc3
ssl: bump and
2 months ago
apt/files/gpg-keys home.openhab: install and configure openhab 9 months ago
arch-with-gui/files/fonts add kunsi-p14s, add bundle:arch-with-gui 6 months ago
backup/keys kunsi-p14s: do backups 6 months ago
c3voc-addons add pseudo-bundle to add configs to c3voc ansible managed hosts 2 years ago
gitea/files/ssh-keys move gitea to rx300 1 year ago
grafana/files/htz-cloud.influxdb/dashboards bundles/grafana: disable editing of tasmota dashboard 1 year ago
jenkins-ci/files/ssh-keys bundles/jenkins-ci: add ssh keys and config 1 year ago
matrix-synapse move matrix stuff to rx300 1 year ago
nginx/files miniserver: gpn intros 3 months ago
powerdns/files/bind-zones dns: add 11 months ago
sshmon bundles/sshmon: add key, add to all nodes 2 years ago
ssl ssl: bump and 2 months ago
travelynx/files/imprint rx300: adjust imprint template for travelynx 6 months ago
users/files/tmux bundles/users: more colourful bash for everyone 1 year ago