config management repository for all servers operated or managed by me
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Franzi 40922473b7
aurto: add f2k1de ssh keys
16 hours ago
bundles bundles/apt: symlink /usr/bin/python to python3 4 days ago
data move matrix-dimension to rx300 6 days ago
groups groups/home: add icinga host dependencies 2 weeks ago
hooks bundles: use metastack syntax for metadata.get() 5 months ago
items items/zfs_dataset: remove automatic dependency detection for now 2 weeks ago
libs libs.faults: add ensure_fault_or_none() and join_faults() 3 weeks ago
nodes aurto: add f2k1de ssh keys 16 hours ago
scripts scripts/letsencrypt-wildcard: import script to repo 3 months ago
.editorconfig bundles/pleroma: initial NON-WORKING version 5 months ago
.gitignore update gitignore 9 months ago
Jenkinsfile Jenkinsfile: enable BW_PASS_DUMMY_MODE 4 weeks ago bw/matrix-dimension switch listening port 2 weeks ago README: jenkins has moved 3 weeks ago reformat groups 1 year ago bundles/nginx: rename 'proxy' metadata to 'locations', support more generic options, move extras files to metadata 4 weeks ago
requirements.txt use bundlewrap-pass for human-used passwords 4 weeks ago
users.json create dedicated user for kunsi work laptop 2 months ago


Central Config Management Repository for all servers operated or managed by me. May also include some dummy nodes, for example for deploying websites onto shared webhosting.

bw test runs according to Jenkinsfile after every commit. Build Status