config management repository for all servers operated or managed by me
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Port Mapping Table

All the ports which are used by bundles. Collected here to be able to easily find available ports for other bundles.


Rule of thumb: keep ports below 10000 free for stuff that reserves ports.

Port bundle usage
22 openssh sshd
25 postfix postfix postscreen
53 powerdns dns server
80 nginx http
113 oidentd oidentd
143 dovecot dovecot imap
443 nginx https
587 postfix postfix submission
993 dovecot dovecot imap
2525 postfix postfix postscreen
4190 dovecot dovecot managesieve
5232 radicale radicale
5432 postgresql postgres
5900 vmhost qemu-system-x86
6379 redis redis
6667 bitlbee
8086 influxdb2 influx
11332-11334 rspamd rspamd
20000 mx-puppet-discord Bridge
20010 mautrix-telegram Bridge
20020 mautrix-whatsapp Bridge
20030 matrix-dimension Matrix Integrations Manager
20080 matrix-synapse client, federation
20081 matrix-synapse prometheus metrics
20090 matrix-media-repo media_repo
20090 matrix-media-repo prometheus metrics
21000 pleroma pleroma
21010 grafana grafana
22000 gitea gitea
22010 jenkins-ci Jenkins CI
22020 travelynx Travelynx Web
22030 octoprint OctoPrint Web Interface
22040 miniflux Miniflux Web Interface
22050 radicale radicale carddav and caldav server
22060 pretalx gunicorn
22070 paperless-ng gunicorn
22080 netbox gunicorn
22090 openhab http
22999 nginx stub_status


Port bundle usage
53 powerdns dns server
15000-15100 voc-loudness-monitor ffmpeg processes outputting rtp streams