1871 Commits (main)

Author SHA1 Message Date
Franzi 08bc40827d
rx300: update netbox to 3.2.8 17 hours ago
Franzi 6b641890c3
bundles/grafana: replace the useless builtin of telegraf with something more useful 2 days ago
Franzi f6d6ef7aa7
update netbox to 3.2.7 6 days ago
Franzi 3714880406
update gitea to 1.17.0 6 days ago
Franzi 2a041629af
update element-web to 1.11.2 6 days ago
Franzi 416599abab
rx300: update travelynx to 1.23.3 2 weeks ago
Franzi a1ce8bf91a
bundles/sudo: purge directory after package installation 2 weeks ago
Franzi 5539957eb6
bundles/molly-guard: empty directories after package has been installed 2 weeks ago
Franzi 9036458aa8
rx300: update mautrix-whatsapp to 0.6.0 3 weeks ago
Franzi 86cc900d74
rx300: update gitea to 1.16.9 3 weeks ago
Franzi 1f32a92296
update netbox to 3.2.6 4 weeks ago
Franzi 0d13e60a21
rx300: add more email domains to blocklist 4 weeks ago
Franzi feeb785425
update hedgedoc to 1.9.4 4 weeks ago
Franzi 3e65a185f6
update element-web to 1.11.0 4 weeks ago
Franzi 2a938d19f1
bundles/gitea: disable registration by default 4 weeks ago
Franzi 696377cfbc
voc.infobeamer-cms: prepare for MCH2022 4 weeks ago
Franzi 9736576d0d
rx300: cleaned up spam gitea accounts 1 month ago
Franzi dd5a97eced
bundles: add dependency to systemd-networkd 1 month ago
Franzi ac0f849871
rx300: update travelynx to 1.22.6 1 month ago
Franzi 5111e0c897
gce.bind01: update powerdnsadmin to 0.3.0 1 month ago
Franzi 4f89345c8c
rx300: update netbox to 3.2.5 2 months ago
Franzi 53cce20d68
rx300: update mautrix-whatsapp to 0.5.0 2 months ago
Franzi 7b922841b7
rx300: update element-web to 1.10.15 2 months ago
Franzi ce670e4d1e
gce.bind01: update powerdnsadmin to 0.2.5 2 months ago
Sophie Schiller 076b19f8fb htz-cloud.miniserver: update element-web 2 months ago
Franzi 4b7f6faac2
update element-web to 1.10.14 2 months ago
Franzi 8312910588
rx300: update travelynx to 1.22.5 2 months ago
Franzi 1d58955ced
bundles/zfs: increase timeout for ZFS OLD SNAPSHOTS check 2 months ago
Franzi 8446e8eda2
rx300: update netbox to 3.2.4 2 months ago
Franzi c34f3ebbc3
ssl: bump _.home.kunbox.net and _.franzi.business 2 months ago
Franzi 313f43f66b
update element-web to 1.10.13 2 months ago
Franzi 29f64946b1
rx300: update mautrix-whatsapp to 0.4.0 3 months ago
Franzi 064b4c5f36
rx300: update gitea to 1.16.8 3 months ago
Sophie Schiller aeb8467e5e miniserver: gpn intros 3 months ago
Franzi d6bb5e973e
voc.infobeamer-cms: add gpn20 people 3 months ago
Franzi 51c9506a19
move pacman/no_extract to bundle metadata defaults 3 months ago
Franzi 9730a2be13
bundles/wireguard: fix permissions for wireguard netdev files 3 months ago
Franzi bd5f65d7a4
rx300: add c3kl mail server to rspamd 3 months ago
Franzi 303ca11c2e
update netbox to 3.2.3 3 months ago
Franzi 1c247bc4bd
update element-web to 1.10.12 3 months ago
Franzi 3614c23ef8 kunsi-p14s: add some paths to pacman/no_extract 3 months ago
Franzi b86251f79c
voc.infobeamer-cms: prepare for GPN20 3 months ago
Franzi a98190139d
rx300: update gitea to 1.16.7 3 months ago
Franzi 15b97d0edd
kunsi-p14s: let's try a more recent kernel 3 months ago
Franzi 8cc116c0c4
bundles/zfs: respect pacman/linux-lts option 3 months ago
Franzi 12e21d893f
rx300: update netbox to 3.2.2 3 months ago
Franzi 3d2a97851b
kunsi-p14s: reinstate bridge, try disabling ipv6 on wifi 3 months ago
Franzi b9da0221bc
rx300,htz-cloud.miniserver: Updates 3 months ago
Franzi 3cdd6ce6ba
kunsi-p15s: add zfs dataset for /video 3 months ago
Franzi 8414e3580b
fkusei-locutus: install voc-tracker-worker 3 months ago