1442 Commits (main)

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Franzi 0a131b4248
bundles/grafana: add voltages and power usage to ipmitool 6 days ago
Franzi 8300f48541
add bundle:ipmitool, add grafana dashboard row 6 days ago
Franzi 92b2e19e44
bundles/grafana: fix line width for fans 6 days ago
Franzi 3775bcb9db
bundles/telegraf: add cache directory 6 days ago
Franzi 5885e4b043
bundles/users: add lsb_release and local date to status line 1 week ago
Franzi 29eef9ec59
htop: fix sorting 1 week ago
Franzi 94cba4283b
bundles/pretalx: fixup cron 1 week ago
Franzi 86953e60bd
bundles/pretalx: add script to automatically set is_administrator and is_staff based on group membership 1 week ago
Franzi f02088d9fe
nodes/home.router: enable wg_health_check 1 week ago
Franzi 095d425de1
bundles/wireguard: do not run wg_health_check during bw apply 1 week ago
Franzi 9188b28b7a
bundles/wireguard: add wg_health_check 1 week ago
Franzi f79365304c
update element-web to 1.9.2 2 weeks ago
Franzi 8b7844bd2f
update netbox to 3.0.7 2 weeks ago
Franzi 6b8cef164f
update gitea to 1.15.4 2 weeks ago
Franzi 871b26c920
update element-web to 1.9.1 2 weeks ago
Franzi 61e5591628
bundles/systemd-networkd: fix bridge-in-bridge-setup on home.nas not working properly 2 weeks ago
Franzi 2662fa5976
.gitignore: ignore more stuff 2 weeks ago
Franzi 505af6b503
update netbox to 3.0.6 2 weeks ago
Franzi c907b9b39d
data/ssl: bump _.home.kunbox.net 3 weeks ago
Sophie Schiller 134342d3e5 wireguard: add new psk and pupkey for sophie 3 weeks ago
Franzi 4380e80192
nodes/ovh.wireguard: reenable wireguard connection to sophie-ejgwthink 3 weeks ago
Franzi 2d1f638894
nodes/ovh.wireguard: fix wireguard vpn connection to kunsi-oneplus3 3 weeks ago
Franzi b7482008df
home.router: add hosts entry for wireguard box 3 weeks ago
Franzi 8656f99f8e
bundles/wireguard: re-add reconnect script for added resiliency 3 weeks ago
Franzi 13057d6f76
home.router: remove openvpn client 4 weeks ago
Franzi 074184bb96
update netbox to 3.0.4 4 weeks ago
Franzi 89f91f3857
nodes: add bird to wireguard nodes 4 weeks ago
Franzi 30d4d989fc
add bundle:bird 4 weeks ago
Franzi fe44417b14
bundles/systemd-networkd: add dummy interfaces 4 weeks ago
Franzi 996ef6e115
bundles/nftables: more sorted() 4 weeks ago
Franzi 5f1f4fd654
bundles/wireguard: add option 'snat_to' for connections 4 weeks ago
Franzi 902840ee7f
bundles/wireguard: use one wireguard connection per peer instead of one for all 4 weeks ago
Franzi 8110ec508e
update element-web to 1.9.0 4 weeks ago
Franzi 8688726d94
rx300: also gzip svg images 4 weeks ago
Franzi c9717043bb
rx300: add some caching to franzi.business 4 weeks ago
Franzi 2b0e3a4bf0
bundles/powerdns: use only public ips or those attached to physical interfaces to create dns records 4 weeks ago
Franzi b81153e957
bundles/netbox: fix upgrade command 1 month ago
Franzi 05d69c1f12
bundles/powerdns: use named-checkzone to verify zone integrity 1 month ago
Franzi 0edb7137f4
update netbox to 3.0.3 1 month ago
Franzi dc193ad4e8
update gitea to 1.15.3 1 month ago
Franzi bb8910d15f
bundles/gitea: use metadata.get() 1 month ago
Franzi c2e503d2d5
bump bundlewrap to 4.12.0 1 month ago
Franzi b21f7c856a
bundles/gitea: switch to new file type 'download' 1 month ago
Franzi fbb13e4c2f
bump _.franzi.business 1 month ago
Franzi 51960556de
nodes/aurto: add note to put added packages to file 1 month ago
Franzi ed2bb66e3e
bundles/basic: add links to icinga, grafana and nginx vhosts to login message 1 month ago
Franzi 5a7d0b0afd
bundles/icinga2: don't skip everything if check_sipgate_account_balance can't get applied 1 month ago
Franzi 74ba98624b
home.nas: install requirements for compiling yate 1 month ago
Sophie Schiller c9f9a27096 bundle/hedgedoc add new csp defaults 1 month ago
Sophie Schiller 738dbd94a0 bundle/hedgedoc improve dependencies 1 month ago