174 Commits (main)

Author SHA1 Message Date
Von Birne a4d873becd i3pystatus/ice-status.py cast time to int 1 year ago
Von Birne 7d541c9f7e i3pystatus/ice-status.py change api url 1 year ago
Franzi 922dfa6ea3
remove fortune from fish 1 year ago
Franzi 07d7cf43e2
add i3lock image 1 year ago
Franzi 88dc4d0d94
fixup cleanup-homedir.service 1 year ago
Franzi 2c60a28c16
i3pystatus: some ice-status improvements 1 year ago
Franzi 24c0b05cf4
ice-status.py: more improvements 1 year ago
Franzi e920bf8281
i3pystatus/ice-status: fix delay display, add track info 1 year ago
Franzi 8f4229b1e2
i3pystatus: add ice portal info 1 year ago
Franzi 82bd1013ef
various improvements 1 year ago
Franzi 6ca9992ff5
vim: more stuff 1 year ago
Franzi e85b5f19a6
.bin/backup-and-update-system: more excludes 1 year ago
Franzi 1cbdbaedb9
add .bin/voc-mount to repo 1 year ago
Franzi b221b0574b
xiate: non-blinking block cursor 1 year ago
Franzi dcc5c5ce9c
i3: named workspaces 1 year ago
Franzi 3589dd74c5
add xiate config 1 year ago
Franzi ac9a581e9d
i3pystatus: use more "" in screensaver-status.sh 1 year ago
Franzi 3adc9e47e0
fish: add alias for opening a floating python shell 1 year ago
Franzi 44852d9713
fish: more git aliases 1 year ago
Franzi 3b5636ab67
fish: weechat has moved 1 year ago
Franzi 633cde6d8b
.bin/backup-and-update-system: ignore rsync error code 24 1 year ago
Franzi 2b574833e0
cleanup-homedir: remove old screenshots 1 year ago
Franzi 507f24e7b4
.bin/pulseaudio-assert-volume: add some flushing to print() 1 year ago
Franzi d4400473a0
add .bin/pulseaudio-assert-volume 1 year ago
Franzi a4112d4226
backup-and-update-system: we no longer use yay 1 year ago
Franzi 3627e07720
mpv: fix terminal status output 1 year ago
Franzi c107d2aace
fish: rx300 is no longer at home 1 year ago
Franzi 31ec37cd3b
add timer to force pulseaudio to use 100% volume for sink inputs 1 year ago
Franzi 7e3c021199
add systemd timer to clean up old Downloads and old temp dirs 1 year ago
Franzi 0b8d8d0579
remove background images 2 years ago
Franzi df8194b9ca
no background image 2 years ago
Franzi e718c5b971
grobi: add on_failure 2 years ago
Franzi ad6ddbfa19
gitconfig: always verbose commits 2 years ago
Franzi ba31260881
fix missing terminal calls 2 years ago
Franzi 4a297411d5
mutt: fix colours 2 years ago
Franzi 99bda4ba71
terminal is now xiate 2 years ago
Franzi ba39e3f3be
gitconfig: add `git prinfo` alias 2 years ago
Franzi f673e521a8
mutt: fix order of options 2 years ago
Franzi cf2935c6e0
mutt: try to implement multi-accounting 2 years ago
Franzi 414fbf6348
i3: vncviewer should always have floating windows 2 years ago
Franzi c22b6fd07c
fish: more aliases and functions 2 years ago
Franzi 7f0657e3b7
remove hist alias in fish, add to .gitconfig, add git pfusch 2 years ago
Franzi 6d1ed7ca6e
grobi: stop redshift, not disable it 2 years ago
Franzi c6ae768562
i3: move workspace 9, adjust trackpoint speed 2 years ago
Franzi 2e53d28d35
i3pystatus: parse rfkill output instead of relying on pyric.utils.rfkill 2 years ago
Franzi 2e05d37c38
add ssh config 2 years ago
Franzi 76bf485f19
vim: revert changes made in last commits 2 years ago
Franzi 8f4d948219
grobi: disable redshift automatically if switching to "presentation" 2 years ago
Franzi 551717e700
update scripts with new ssh hostnames 2 years ago
Franzi d25fac5f2d
vim: add tab navigation controls 2 years ago