matrix-dimension #44

sophie merged 16 commits from matrix-dimension into main 1 year ago
sophie commented 1 year ago

fixes #13

fixes #13
sophie added 16 commits 1 year ago
a586454a78 bundle/matrix-dimension enable backups
f4c74e732d bw/matrix-dimension witespaaaaaaaace
49d3e36f9f bw/htz-cloud.miniserver cleanup extras
d74618f9a9 bw/matrix-dimension enable process monitoring
a65301ee89 bw/matrix-dimension switch to generic vhost name
3fd20de161 bw/matrix-dimension disable logfile
07994de66c bw/matrix-dimension get all the things
b9135aceca bw/matrix-dimension remove unneeded metadata
d01a7f34a4 bw/matrix-dimension repair syntax errors
a51aad6a53 bw/htz-cloud.miniserver bump element-web version
sophie force-pushed matrix-dimension from a51aad6a53 to bce70561c2 1 year ago
sophie force-pushed matrix-dimension from bce70561c2 to 07dbcb51f4 1 year ago
kunsi approved these changes 1 year ago
sophie merged commit ff526a7f7f into main 1 year ago


kunsi approved these changes 1 year ago
kunsi/bundlewrap/pipeline/head This commit looks good
kunsi/bundlewrap/pipeline/pr-main This commit looks good
The pull request has been merged as ff526a7f7f.
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