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Franzi 5a1658478a
fix sticky acknowledgements not getting recognized 7 months ago
Franzi 0307fe42f3
don't use python3 syntax in python2 8 months ago
Franzi 5e843e5ea7
limit output lines 8 months ago
Franzi ac32f02604
better colors 10 months ago
Franzi d951b23c33
add X5px font sizes 11 months ago
Franzi c00c7180a8
distribute horizontal area equally between host and service, if needed 11 months ago
Franzi 37220e4f2d
add option to hide SOFT checks 12 months ago
Franzi 2afef02b2c
add nesting info, use icinga logo for package.png 1 year ago
Franzi d8c55e658f
add option to show acknowledged problems 1 year ago
Franzi 51666ab1fb
display problems in alphabetical order instead of reversed 1 year ago
Franzi 4c11394a98
decrease font size in 1px increments instead of 2px when fitting host/service names to the screen 1 year ago
Franzi b079462c4c
add some more options to package.json and node.json 1 year ago
Franzi 39589f3d12
add note about api permissions to README 1 year ago
Franzi 3ddb998f97
add README, COPYRIGHT, screenshot.jpg 1 year ago
Franzi 5f724310a5
configurable font for headings and output 1 year ago
Franzi 5af7fe2340
add config option for instance name 1 year ago
Franzi 3d9b6da706
fix margins 1 year ago
Franzi db36b18ff8
more config options: configurable font size, ssl verification 1 year ago
Franzi 6d65637676
ignore services on broken hosts 1 year ago
Franzi 4d8812e657
fix sorting (should be CRITICAL, UNKNOWN, WARNING) 1 year ago
Franzi 07c733e4d0
only print services which fit (atleast partly) on screen 1 year ago
Franzi 0ba7788625
limit host names to half the screen width 1 year ago
Franzi e7f671fc33
make rotation work without needing to restart 1 year ago
Franzi ab1f68a712
rotation support 1 year ago
Franzi fe58b5a874
initial commit 1 year ago