Source code and parts list for equipping a skirt with blinking LEDs and some animations
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Sourcecode for a skirt with blinking LEDs


  • Arduino Uno or Arduino Nano
  • 6 Strips of 15 WS2812 or equivalent
  • rotary encoder
  • MPU6050 inertial measuring unit
  • three colored LEDs
  • 220Ohm resistor
  • 100µF 50V capacitor


Arduino Pin Destination device Destination Pin
A2 rotary encoder CLK
A3 rotary encoder DT
A4 MPU6050 SDA
A5 MPU6050 SCL
D2 rotary encoder SW
D3 led yellow positive
D4 led blue positive
D5 led red positive
D6 1st strip of WS2812 Din
D7 2nd strip of WS2812 Din
D8 3rd strip of WS2812 Din
D9 4th strip of WS2812 Din
D10 5th strip of WS2812 Din
D11 6th strip of WS2812 Din

PCB Layout



  • A02 through O08 Arduino Nano
  • S01 through W01 rotary encoder



  • B10 through I10 MPU6050