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OBS-WebSocket Tally Light

Quick Facts:

  • runs on ESP8266 and similar
  • supports Authentication (but doesn't require it)
  • uses industry-standard colours
  • automatically reconnects if disconnected
  • provides debug output over serial
  • works with and without studio mode


  • platformio set up on your machine
  • an instance of OBS running the websockets plugin
  • some wifi network over which the OBS instance is reachable


  1. copy include/config.example,h to include/config.h
  2. edit include/config.h to match your wifi and obs settings
  3. connect your ESP8266 board using USB
  4. run pio run -t upload to install the tally light onto your board

If flashing succeeds, your LED strip should blink twice, then switch to tally light mode.

The serial console is configured to use 115200 baud.



The configured source is currently live (visible in program).


Only available in studio mode.

The configured source is currenly in preview.


The configured source is currenly not visible.


Authentication failed, either by a missing or wrong password. The light will automatically restart after 10 seconds.